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10 Anti-Rape Devices That Can Save Would-Be-Victim’s Life

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Rape is a horrifying experience one could go through. If you are raped, society will put the blame on the victim, and make their life hell. If some men are raping a woman, bystanders or witnesses don’t do anything to help or stop the crime, so, it’s time for women to take charge of their safety.

There is option for girls to learn martial arts to protect themselves. There are also anti-rape devices that some inventors cared enough to create just to help women protect themselves in dire situations. Some of them can be used by women today but others are just way too impractical.

#1. Anti-rape lingerie Society Harnessing Equipment (SHE)

In 2012, a 23-year-old Delhi student was brutally gang-raped and this prompted Manisha Mohan, an aeronautical engineering student, to take action. She and two other students designed an electric bra called Society Harnessing Equipment (SHE), which can deliver 3800kv of electric shock to a rapist. The lingerie also has a GPS tracker that can alert the police or parents of the potential victim.

#2. Angel Wing buzzing anti-rape device

This angel-wing keychain will produce a 90db sound when pulled. The device can easily be clipped on to a bag or used as a mobile phone accessory.

#3. Guardian Angel necklace

Not only will this necklace serve as a fashionable accessory, but it also protects women from uncomfortable situation. It works with a push of a button, which then sends the woman a fake call. If the button is pressed for three seconds, it will send an SOS text message and the woman’s location to an emergency contact.

#4. Hairy legs stockings

These hairy legs-designed stockings actually exist and it is supposed to deter rapists. But some men from other nations will actually be turned on by women who don’t shave. Uh-oh!

#5. Anti-rape buckle

A group of Swedish teens designed a belt buckle that is difficult to remove, that only the wearer will be able to do so. The teenage girls hoped that the labyrinth buckle would deter rapists. The belt buckle was part of a school project but the group has already sold 300 of them in Sweden. The students are currently looking for potential partners to help them mass produce the design.

#6. “The Injector”

This is one of the designs that belonged to artist Ira Sherman’s creations, “Impenetrable Devices” This metal wearable tech features two syringes, which inks the rapist and injects him with a sedative. That way, the perpetrator can easily be identified.

#7. “The Snare”

Judging by the name, would-be rapists ought to be horrified by this anti-rape device. This is another one of Ira Sherman’s impenetrable device that ensnares and mutilates a rapist’s member with its two sharp prongs.

#8. Rape-axe (barbed condom)

A South African doctor invented this female condom, which has teeth-like hooks inside it. Once the man penetrates, the condom attaches to his penis and will hurt him when he pees. The attached condom cannot be removed without seeking help from a doctor. This can then be used as evidence to arrest the rapist.

This protective anti-rape device has a sharp pin at its end, which will penetrate on the rapist’s penis when he’s raping a woman. The tampon cannot injure the woman who’s wearing it. Although it is an interesting device, the FemDefence is merely a concept and it’s not real, according to Gizmodo.

#10. AR Wear

The AR Wear serves as a chastity belt that has been given a modern twist. The fabric cannot be cut or stretched. The underwear can only be removed by turning a small dial into the right position that only the wearer knows.

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