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What Dog Does When Michael Jackson Plays On The Radio Will Shock You!

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There is no one who can deny that the king of pop,mecheal Jackson had some groovy tunes. But a dog that loves MJ? Here’s a first! Do you know any pets that love listening to Michael Jackson’s greatest hits? Well, it seems like there are some out there. One of Jackson’s biggest fans is a dog named Honey.

Honey’s owner, Melissa, couldn’t believe her pup’s reaction the first time she turned on Michael Jackson music.

The dog absolutely loved it. However, her favorite song has to be “Will You Be There” by the king of pop.

Melissa found out just how much her pooch adored this song when she turned it on in the car. She was driving through Humboldt County in California, just enjoying the day, when she decided that she wanted to listen to one of Michael Jackson’s best songs.

As soon as she turned it on, Honey knew which song it was right away.

That’s when she threw her head back and started howling with the music. She didn’t stop, either. As the song continues, Honey “sings” the whole time. She’s clearly getting into the music just as much as her mom.

While Melissa is singing along with Michael and the pooch, she can’t help laughing from time to time while she watches her dog. And can you blame her? It would probably be pretty hard to keep a straight face if your dog did this. Although some dogs do howl along to sounds, Honey takes the cuteness to the next level in this song.

When you see how Melissa and Honey act together, it’s clear that they love each other a lot.

And they even have the same taste in music. How could you beat that? It’s like they were a match made in heaven. Although Melissa’s performance may not be as enthusiastic as her dog Honey’s, it’s clear that she supports her pooch every step of the way. In fact, she thought the moment was so adorable that she just had to share it in a video on social media. The video has since gone viral as thousands of people fell in love with Honey the singing dog.

While Honey gives a beautiful performance, you’ve probably noticed that she isn’t the only dog that sings along to the radio. Why is that? Well, animal behavior specialists actually think that it harkens back to our pups’ ancestors. When dogs were still wolves and were roaming around in the wild, they knew they had to stay together for safety. That was the point of having a pack. So, when the wolves were trying to find each other, they would howl into the night. In this way, they could easily locate each other.

While Honey and other dogs like her are no longer wolves, they still have some of this instinct left over from when they really needed it.

When a dog hears a high-pitched sound, it’s natural for them to want to howl back. And since Michael Jackson is known for his high-pitched voice, Honey’s preference for his music kind of makes sense. So even though Honey is clearly a superstar, she is just listening to her instincts when she sings along to Michael Jackson in the car.

Regardless of why Honey is singing along, this is a pretty cute pair. Hopefully, they will find even more songs to sing together so the internet can see them perform together again.

Source: Watch This Singing Dog Smash Michael Jackson’s Hit by Storyful on Rumble