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Artist Illustrates The Hidden Meaning Of Love In Beautiful Drawings.

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Love doesn’t need the approval of the world to happen to you and when you are completely in this feeling all the other things around you that are against it, stop making sense to you and all you want to do is love. To prove your love to someone there is much more you can do rather than just saying “I love you”.

Even the smallest thing done by your partner for you is greater than the biggest happiness you ever came across and that’s the beauty of love.

And when Scott Fitzgerald said, “And in the end, we are all just humans, drunk on the idea, that love only love could heal our brokenness” we couldn’t agree more.

Following are some drawings that are illustrated by Artist Amanda Oleander who explained through her drawings that what love really is and what are the other forms of love that we could use as a replacement for ‘I love you’. And also about the hidden beauty that love holds which eventually comes out through our actions and Amanda has beautifully portrayed that in her drawings. After watching these beautiful drawings of this artist, you will be astonished.

Take a look:

#1. This drawing portrays that it is nothing to be ashamed or to feel embarrassed in front of the person you love, let them accept you for who you are.

#2. Because there is nothing more pleasing than spending some time together.

#3. This drawing is enthused by the idea that if you really care for someone then you may want to do everything with them.

#4. Let the child inside you meet the child inside him.

#5. To love is to accept your loved one, in sickness and in health.

#6. Watching him silently when he is asleep, isn’t it the most beautiful feeling in the world.

#7. This drawing beautifully portrayed the situation of dog owners, he is not less than a lover himself, he needs affection, attention, and care as much as a human being do.

#8. A mother love is greatest of all, she will do anything for you even if it’s sleeping in a cradle with you.

#9. If you really feel for her, you better show it by doing little things for her, after all, that’s all she wants.

#10. These little things including painting her toenails, brushing her hair or sometimes a bed tea. Is that a lot to ask?

#11. This picture has perfectly summed up the adoration and care we do for our partner.

#12. And there should be 100% transparency in your relationship.

Photo: noonecares