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11 Questions Men Want To Ask Women About Breasts

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It is truly said that opposite-sex attract each other, and it is quite obvious that we are more interested in knowing about the opposite sex. But it has always been evident that men are more interested in women’s breasts. And men may find it hard to deny that they secretly appreciate women’s breasts. There are some questions in every man’s mind concerning breasts.

So here are answers to the questions men want to ask women about breasts:

 #1. Are they sensitive?

Do you men know the pain when someone hits you with your legs? Breasts are likewise sensitive and it does hurt.

#2. Isn’t wearing a bra suffocating?

Yes! Wearing a bra for a long duration of time can be painful. Particularly wearing the wrong size bra can cause more suffocation to the breasts! Every Woman will agree to this.

#3. What does a good boob day mean?

A good boob day is actually like a decent hair day, which is the point at which your cleavage just sits right and your boobs look great through your shirt.

#4. Is taking off your bra the most satisfying moment of the day?

Undeniably, this is the most satisfying moment for every woman. By the end of the day, women become uncomfortable in bra. It can be tickly as well. Once they take it off the world becomes a better place.

#5. Are they a burden on your chest?

It totally depends on the size of breasts. Women with bigger breasts term it as a burden, whereas for some women it is just another part of the body and for some it is non-existent!

#6. Do they hurt while moving fast?

It depends on the size and quality of bra a woman is wearing. If the breasts are sore or tender, it can hurt a lot while ascending up and down the stairs or running!

#7. Does it come in the way while doing things?

It doesn’t, but again the size of boobs plays a role. Most of the time breasts do not come in the way while doing things.

#8. Do nipples and breasts grow together?

The nipples do grow with the breasts till the time boobs haven’t developed entirely. Once they are developed, nipples turn darker and bigger.

#9. Are the nipples always hard?

No, they turn hard only when they are touched or a woman is aroused. They can even turn hard if it’s cold.

#10. Is it the truth that one breast is bigger than the other?

Yes, it is a very normal thing. The size of one breast and nipple can vary from the other one.

#11. Do you like to play with them?

Dear men, do you like to play with your assets? Same goes for us.

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