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15 Real-World Forests That Look Like They Belong In Fairy Tales

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It’s always refreshing to be surrounded with nature. Nature always gives you a sense of peace and lets your imagination run wild — especially when it involves thick forests that seem to belong in fantasy novels. In reality, these lush forests do exist and they can be found all over the world.

Take a look at these breathtaking pics of enchanting forests around the world and maybe then, you might consider including it in your travel list.

#1. Gnarly Rata Forest, New Zealand

You can find this gnarly forest in New Zealand, particularly on Enderby Island. The forest is filled with gnarled tree trunks and branches.

#2. Halle Forest (Hallebros), Belgium

This Belgian forest is best visited in spring when the area has a gorgeous carpet of bluebells. And if you happen to be there during that season, it’s guaranteed to make you feel as if you’re walking through a magical land.

#3. Poplar forest, Oregon

These trees are actually part of a tree farm in Boardman, Oregon. They change colors in autumn, which makes them all the more beautiful. Sadly, they will be cut down, according to OregonLive.

#4. Quebec forest, Canada

Canada’s Boreal forest gives this enchanting aura, especially during winter.

#5. Goblin Forest, New Zealand

Goblin Forest in New Zealand is so unique, you can’t see anyone like it. It’s creepy and has this “goblin” glow all because of the moss that covers the trees. The land is misty and receives a great amount of rain.

#6. Stanton Moor, UK

Stanton Moor, which is located in central and northern England’s Derbyshire Peak District is known mostly for the megaliths, particularly the Nine Ladies stone circle.

#7. Crooked forest, Poland

This mysterious forest in Poland is filled with crooked pine trees. To date, no one knows why the trees are shaped that way.

#8. Moss Swamp, Romania

This dreamy scene is said to be located in an unknown forest location in Romania.

#9. Otzarreta Forest, Spain

This beautiful forest in Basque Country in Spain is part of the Gorbea Natural Park. These weird-shaped trees fit perfectly in this foggy forest and give it a mystical feel.

#10. Green Forest, France

This is no CGI. It exists and this enchanting forest can be found somewhere in France.

#11. Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

This seemingly haunted forest has been considered as the Bermuda Triangle of Romania, as many unexplainable and paranormal sightings have reportedly taken place in the area.

#12. Chinese Hemlock Trail, Taiwan

This hiking trail is part of Taiwan’s Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area. It looks rather creepy but the hike trail is rather short but can be strenuous due to the steepness of its path.

#13. Tsingy Forest, Madagascar

It’s got trees and stones — it’s the world’s largest stone forest. The area may be inhospitable but still, it’s beautiful.

#14. The Sea of Trees, or Aokigahara, Japan

It’s perfect when you want some gothic/horror shots. Hikers easily get lost in the forest so hikers often leave marks by using tapes.

#15. Surreal forest in Finland

The glowing light is the perfect background to this mysterious lush forest.