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15 Photos Giving A View Of Selena Gomez $3 Million Texas Mansion

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Mansions or a Penthouse, which are larger than our homes, clearly belongs to some celebrities out there because a celebrity and a mansion go hand in hand.

They turn out to be a tourist spot for fans, who want to view and take a glimpse of their favorite celebrity home. One such gala mansion belongs to Selena Gomes in Texas which is worth $3 million. We take a tour for you to view this incredible mansion of Selena Gomez from the inside and the outside.

Take a look:

#1. Selena Gomez has flung open her 10,000 sq.ft. Texas mansion to the property market for $3 million.

#2. The Texas mansion consists of five bedrooms, six bathrooms, with a spacious backyard, which includes a pool, hot tube, and a tennis court.

#3. This is an aerial view of the luxurious Texas mansion of Selena Gomez.

#4. Selena Gomez bought this property in the month of November 2015, located in North Texas, the American state where she was born.

#5. Several pathways to make your way into the house of Selena Gomez.

#6. A small fountain in the center of the courtyard, with the house wall and the walkway decorated with stone blocks.

#7.  The spacious backyard has a pool hemmed by a stone hot tub and a matching stone waterslide, along with round stone fire pit.

#8. A pathway made of marble and that carves its way through the grassy portion of the backyard.

#9. A gigantic blue-floored tennis court, which doubles as a basketball court.

#10. The court is surrounded by a fence and several lights for an evening game as well.

#11. The pool designed beautifully with a small waterfall edged with carved stones.

#12. The bathroom has matching stones on the wooden cabinets, along with the bathtub at the end of the room.

#13. The white walls and ceilings framed with wood paneling along with a shinning wooden staircase welcome the visitors.

#14. This is the master bedroom with a high bed, heaped with pillows.

#15. This fireplace has dull grey sofas for relaxing with a vaulted ceiling and a wicker topped lantern near the fireplace.

Photo: noonecares