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12 Brilliant Denim Tricks Everyone Who Wears Jeans Has To Know

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Well, everybody has their own collection of denim jeans. No matter how old we are or what personality we carry, we have denim jeans in our wardrobe. The first thing about jeans is that you can’t tell how it is gonna look like unless you put it on. You may have same pattern and color, but it’s the fitting that matters. While going for shopping, getting the right jeans for your bums is probably the happiest thing.

Take a look at these 12 denim tricks that every jeans lover should try!

1. Longer legs

Just fold your pants from the bottom and make your legs look longer.

2. How to fix irritating waist gap

This is the most common issues we face. The legs are perfectly fit but it leaves some gap at our waists.

3. Tucking jeans in boots

This is how you can tuck your long bottom denim into your boots.

4. Choosing the right footwear

5. Shortening your pant without removing original hem

Removing hem from pants will make it look weird. This is how you can trim the length from the bottom and make it look like it never got altered.

6. Removing the stains 

You can use baby powder to remove the stains. This is one of the simplest and effective denim tricks.

7. Always follow the instructions to make your jeans last long

8. Distressing the jeans

9. Testing jeans before purchasing

10. Quick cleanup

11. Bleeding problem

When you wash your dark denim pants, it generally bleeds. This results in fading of the color. To solve this problem, soak your pants in salt and water solution. This will help your pants from fading.

12. When you wear ankle boots