WWE Superstar Chyna Found Dead In An Apartment.


Chyna, any WWE fan would know this women superstar who was the first lady to compete with men. A voicemail message recorded just before 48 hours before her death was found. It is reported that she passed away due to a fatal overdose.

The rambling message was left by Chyna, real name Joan Marie Laurer, on the phone of film maker Erik Angra who was in the middle of making a documentary on her life.

The message from Chyna, said: I am doing much better now. I’ve finally got an appointment with a doctor next week.

I’m going to go into rehab right up the street in Malibu. They won’t pick me up from the Trenton, New Jersey facility.

I go for two weeks, drink cucumber juice and whatever. Swim around, walk and get clearance.

I can get therapy done the right way and get clearance to do the movies that are all set up.


Erik Angra, who is making a documentary on Chyna said: That [rehab] was the really heartbreaking thing and I remember when I got that voicemail, I was so happy to hear it because those last two weeks, we were getting very concerned for her.

I had seen her basically cut people out of her life that told her things she didn’t want to hear. I felt we were trying to be a good influence on her and at the same time, help her.

I still feel maybe I could have done more. I still feel guilt about that. I really don’t know what else I could have done.

It seemed like she’d had that revelation and I was really excited for her.

The wrestling legend earned an estimated £780,000 per year in her WWE peak.

After retiring from wrestling, Chyna began her porn career, earning £78,000 from a sex tape called ‘One Night In Chyna’.

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