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What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Having Sex

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All our experiences are unique, and almost everyone has a different relationship with sex. However, the effects of moderation are often very similar, so here are six ways that your body may change after you stop having sex.

Take a look:

#1. You become more on edge
Because sex can be an emotional release, suddenly halting your sex life can cause you to grow temperamental. The best way to handle this is to find a new activity that provides the same results.

#2. You and your partner become distant
If you stop having sex with your partner, you will most likely create too much space in your relationship. Sex is an important way for two people to connect, and without it you lose the power of physical intimacy.

#3. Your stress levels get higher
Very similar to going to the gym, sex is a serious stress reliever. It not only provides pleasure, but it’s also a great distraction from the anxiety-provoking events in your life.

#4. Your self-confidence gets lower
Unfortunately, it’s common to equate sexual activity with self-worth, especially as it relates to appearance. No longer having sex can lead to you believing that it’s your fault, but remember it’s your choice, not your lack of appeal.

#5. You begin to crave sex less
While your immediate reaction might be to crave sex, after a while your body gets used to the adjustment. You won’t rely on sex the way you did before, and eventually it won’t be something that you expect or need.

#6. You might actually become happier
It’s possible to discover more about yourself and your sexual habits after you stop having sex. There is nothing wrong with taking time to get to know yourself without sex, especially because you might find that abstaining is contributing to your happiness.

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