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Remember The ‘Human Barbie’? Well She’s Back And Looks Unrecognizable Without Makeup!


It’s amazing the lengths that people will go to in order to alter their physical appearance. After a certain point, you’re doing more harm than good. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of makeup, and even plastic surgery is justifiable in certain cases, but there are some people who just don’t know when to stop.

One of those people is Valeria Lukyanova, a Ukranian woman who has managed to make a name for herself under another name entirely: “Human Barbie.” If you look at a picture of her, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out why. She’s somehow managed to make herself look like the doll that every girl wants to look like.

It’s not just her face that resembles Barbie- it’s her entire body. While it would be virtually impossible for anyone to replicate the unrealistic dimensions of the doll itself, Lukyanova has come pretty damn close. It’s almost scary- but not as scary as how different she looks without any makeup on…

You might think that Lukyanova is a plastic surgery addict, but she’s actually just a master of makeup. When she’s not dressed up as Barbie, she looks just like any other person. Well, not just any other person, because most people aren’t as hot as she is.

While Lukyanova admits to having had some work done in the past, she pledged that she wouldn’t have any surgery unless it was absolutely necessary. She said “I am not against surgery, but for now there is nothing I need to do.” Good for her. Based on these photos, there’s definitely nothing she needs to do.

While she occasionally shares pictures of herself in full Barbie makeup, most of Lukyanova’s Instagram photos and videos feature a less eye-catching version of her taking part in everyday activities. She’s managed to rack up nearly 450,000 followers in the process, so she’s apparently doing something right.

Lukyanova makes a living as a spiritual leader and a DJ, which is certainly quite the resumé. She’s also started exercising and lifting weights in the past couple of years, and now has a set of abs that Barbie would envy. She might not be living in a Barbie Dream House, but she’s definitely living the dream.

Of course, achieving this figure doesn’t come without some sort of sacrifice. In addition to the amount of time and effort the makeup involves, Lukyanova also admits that she often goes days without eating or drinking water (although she claims she has phases where she doesn’t have the urge to do either).

Lukyanova is apparently a proponent of Breatharianism, a Hindu principle that claims you can survive off the life force of the world. It’s admittedly a bit bizarre, but while you might question her methods, but you certainly can’t argue with the results.

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