This airline just announced UAE visa on arrival for Indians


Etihad announces UAE visa on arrival for Indians

This is how you can get it

tihad has announced UAE visa on arrival for Indians, with a rider though.

According to Etihad, Indian citizens are now eligible for a visa on arrival to the country. In order to qualify, they must either have a US visitor visa or a Green Card. The passport of the traveller also has to have at least six months of validity.

It would cost Dh100 for a visa that is valid for a maximum stay of 14 days. This visa can be extended by another 14 days by paying a renewal fee of Dh250. These new visa guidelines are aimed at holidaymakers as well as those who happen to have families based in the country.

Indian passports are already powerful in their own right. Holders of an Indian passport are able to travel visa-free to 52 out of 199 countries. A Nomad Capitalist study ranks the Indian passport at 160.

The recent announcement of visa on arrival only adds to the strength of the already strong Indian passport.

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