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Fancy A Cup of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Infused Coffee?

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Jack Daniel’s doesn’t want you to pour some whiskey into your takeaway coffee as a pick-me-up before work.

In its place, Jack Daniel’s has jumped on the coffee bandwagon and started making its own brew that tastes like whiskey. I’m not exactly sure how that went down in the boardroom, or how whiskey and coffee are related but those details are irrelevant when you’re sipping on the tasty, smokey brew.

So what would a day on JD coffee look like?

7:00 – Hit the snooze button.

7:15 – Hangover hits you.

8.00 – Hair of the dog time but you’re going to work so you go for Tennessee Whiskey Coffee instead.

8:15 – Get out the Jack Daniel’s 360 Tumbler to have the second cup of Joe on the go (that’s right – the company has coffee cups, travel cups – perhaps will do a partnership with Nespresso and have Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Coffee Capsules soon with George Clooney spruiking them).

8:30 – Buzzed up and ready-to-roll on the commute, sipping from your Jack Daniel’s Tumbler, enjoying the looks from everyone else on the train wondering if you’re drinking JD from a coffee cup.

To be fair, that would be half the fun of sipping from a JD branded cup early in the morning and getting puzzled looks.

While the coffee is infused with caramel and vanilla like in Old No 7 Tennessee Whiskey – the coffee is non-alcoholic. So it tastes like whiskey but there isn’t any booze. It’s also kosher. Uncertain of how that applies to coffee but it’s nice that they thought of it.

It seems as though the product has gone down well with customers, with one reviewing: “My girlfriend bought me this for Christmas and I must say it is the best coffee I have ever had.

“It is such a unique flavor that makes the coffee feel more refreshing while you drink it. It is just a hint of the whiskey flavor and I would suggest that this is meant for people who like to drink their coffee black otherwise cream takes away from the flavour.”

Not a bad review at all.

Jack Daniels has even brought out a decaf coffee. That seems unnatural; surely a whiskey-flavoured coffee should have some sort of kick in it, even if it’s only caffeine. It’s not Scotch. It’s not Bourbon. It’s…coffee? Less JD and more JD espresso! JD latte? JD macchiato? I’m not sure how I feel about this!

Word’s out on whether your breath will smell like booze after you’ve had a few cups but most customers seem pretty chuffed at having a product based on alcohol and coffee.

Photo: ladbible