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15 Complete Strangers Who Didn’t Expect to Meet Their Doppelgangers

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It is honestly a strange, surprising truth that there may be someone out there that looks exactly like you, even though you might not be related in any manner. And remarkably, there are people who have really met their doppelgangers in real life.

Here’s a list of individuals who happen to have met their lookalikes. And obviously, all of them did not expect it to happen.

Take a look:

#1. Now this is really cute!

#2. To think these 3 guys play in 3 different marching bands.

#3. So, you think you are unique?

#4. From total strangers to best of friends!

#5. oh, there’s three of them now!

#6. When you make it to the cover of TIME magazine!

#7. Just perfect.

#8. They both go to the same school, but they are not brothers whatsoever.

#9. Sometimes having a doppelganger can get you into trouble, too, like Richard Jones (right) who was jailed for 17 years for a crime he didn’t commit.

#10. “My sister from another mother.”

#11. They even have the same mustache.

#12. “Her girlfriend started walking towards me, wondering why I suddenly became tall.”

#13. That moment when you actually have an evil twin.

#14. It looks like a bar for guys who look exactly the same.

#15. “Wait… are you me?

Photo: elitereaders