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8 Primitive Cultural Rituals That Are Still Subjecting Women To Brutal Torture Today

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The dictionary explains the word “ritual” as a “religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.”

The term may sound pleasant in first glance but if you will check out some of the cultural rituals that are still being practiced around the world today, you will be shocked how many of them are subjecting women to abuse.

Yes, it is already 2016 and the sad fact remains that there are still brutal rituals that are being done – even considered as acceptable, in various countries.

Take a look:

#1. Force-Feeding (Mauritania)

In Mauritania, northwest Africa, a practice called Leblouh is still being observed to prepare women for future marriage. Since obesity is considered attractive in their culture, girls, sometimes as young as five, are force-fed to be full-sized.

Girls are forced to consume great quantities of food and women by older women called “fatteners”. Although the tradition leads to serious health concerns (or even death in some instances), mothers believe it is the best way to secure a bright future for their children.

#2. Crying Marriages (China)

This strange custom, practiced by Tujia people in the Sichuan Province of Southwest China, dates back to the Qing Dynasty.

Brides are expected to cry every night for an entire month before her wedding. Elderly people believe that the neighbours would look down upon a bride and laugh at her if she did not do this.

After 10 days of crying alone, the bride’s mother will join her and then after 10 more days, the grandmother will be crying, too. Sisters, female cousins, and aunts are also expected to join soon until the day of marriage.

#3. Female Circumcision (Uganda)

In Uganda, women who belong to the Sabiny tribe are forced to remove a part or their entire clitoris. This, according to their practice, is done as a symbol of achieving womanhood.

This, of course, is an unsafe process that may cause death by infection but the women believe it is an important way of showing their loyalty to their men.

#4. Kidnapping (Europe)

Hands tied up with rope

This may sound really weird since kidnapping is considered a crime but among Europe-based Gypsies, it is believed that a man who kidnaps a woman he likes for 3 to 5 days has the right to marry her.

#5. Teeth Chiseling (Sumatra)

Meanwhile in Sumatra, women living in the Mentawai Islands have the tradition of having their teeth filed into points. This, they say, makes them attractive to their men. Knife is used to chisel the teeth until they look sharp, similar to shark teeth.

#6. Beatings (Brazil)

In some areas of Brazil, women are beaten in the streets as a test for marriage. Women are kidnapped and are even sometimes exposed naked to the public where she will be beaten by strangers. Of course, there are reported instances of death because of this sick tradition.

#7. Forced Tattoos (Brazil and Paraguay)

In some parts of Brazil and Paraguay, some women are forced to get tattoos on their backs, breasts, or stomachs. What’s the point, you ask? Some believe that it makes a woman more attractive to her mate.

#8. Breast Burning (Cameroon, Nigeria, and South Africa)

This is probably one of the most brutal practices done to women. In some cultures, in Cameroon, Nigeria, and South Africa, young women’s breasts are burned using hot stones. Usually done with the consent of the girl’s parents, this disgusting custom is done as a way of preventing rape.

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