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Couple Calls A Cave Their ‘Home’ After They Couldn’t Build A House

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Would you ever ponder upon leaving your perfect suburban home to live in a cave? Yes, an actual, real, cave, mind you. Somewhere under the ground where you’ll be bounded by granite and there will perhaps be no Wi-Fi available to post all your Snapchat photos?

You might be astonished that there are a lot of people now who would consider alternative locations as the perfect abode for their families. A cave is one of them, as there have been a lot of people who live in actual caves for a long time now.

This is one hill that holds a very, very big secret.

This pretty little spot is part of a cave house. Yes, it’s located inside a big cave.

Couple Cathy and Randy Clark are proud homeowners to a cave “home” in sunny Arizona. They once fell in love with a plot that was too vertical to build a house on, and luckily, they heard an explosion nearby which turned out to be a blessing in disguise of sorts. The said turmoil came from their neighbour who happened to be a mining engineer and was building his own “cave home”.

Cathy and her husband Randy Clark are the proud owners of this cave house.

The Clark home is everything one would not expect. It is cosy, comfortable and homey the moment you step in. “It feels normal. Our ceiling is about 15 feet high and we were able to put a sleeping loft over there” narrates Cathy as she was touring the house. The house actually does look charming especially with the carefully chosen interiors.

There are a lot of surprising features that they discovered when they moved in to their cave house. One of which is an underwater spring that is able to produce water up to 20 gallons a day. Cathy uses the same water for her everyday cooking in the beautiful kitchen. There is also a marvellous spiral staircase, an open dining room that is very much inviting and a cosy loft bedroom, not to mention the magnificent outdoor patio.

Photo: elitereaders