If Her Father Hadn’t Moved This Mirror, He Never Would Have Discovered THIS Secret Of His Dead Daughter.


A cheerful, pretty girl, Athena Orchard comes from Leicester, England. Her favorite hobbies are sports and she is fond of boxing.

She loves her 6 sisters and 3 brothers and attends to their needs with utmost devotion. One winter, the 12-year-old discovers a bump on her head. She ignores it – until she collapses in the kitchen. The doctors give her the distressing diagnosis- bone cancer.
It was the worst Christmas gift for the 12-year-old and her family. Doctors remove a tumor from her spinal column in a 7-hour-long operation. As if it was not enough, she undergoes a taxing regime of chemo therapy. She loses all her hair. Athena, who is normally energetic, cheerful and bubbly energy, is too weak and is confined to her bed.

“She always remained positive and told me not to cry,” tells her mother Caroline. “We knew that the cancer was very belligerent … She fought for as long as she could.” But, shortly after her 13th birthday, she died surrounded by her family.

Few days after Athena’s death, her father Dean packs up all of her belongings. As he removed the mirror from the wall of her room, he discovered something on the back.

It had a message inscribed in Athena’s handwriting. The words are a message from his dead daughter. “I couldn’t digest it. It was almost 3,000 words long,” Dean tells. “It totally blew me away. I started reading the words, but I had to stop after awhile, it was simply too much – it broke my heart.”

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