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This New ‘Massage’ Service Is Becoming Very Popular Among Wealthy Women


It’s hard to talk about massages without the topic of “happy endings” coming up. Even though the practice might not be that widespread in reality, massage parlors are often viewed as places where people can go to get some stress relief in ways that aren’t exactly legal…

While these kinds of massages may mostly be associated with dimly lit rooms tucked away in Chinatown, it would be foolish to think that there aren’t more legitimate forms that you can take part in. A company called OneTaste was founded in part to take the stigma away from erotic massages, and they’ve claimed to crack the code to the ultimate female orgasm in the process.

When it comes to sex, most people tend to think “the harder, the better,” but with orgasmic meditation, success comes with taking your time. The goal of these sessions is to lead to a “state of orgasm,” which lasts longer than traditional orgasms that only occur for about twenty seconds. Want to learn more? Keep clicking to learn exactly how to master these techniques.

Before you start, you’re going to need a few supplies. They include a blanket, pillows for the woman to lie on, a cushion for the stroker, a hand towel, a timer, and, of course, lube. Once you’ve gotten everything together, you can start getting down to business.

When you’re ready, the woman should lie down on the blanket and pillows and spread her legs. When she’s in position, her partner “sits down on her right side. He takes his left leg, he wraps it over her belly, and his right leg goes underneath her legs.” The partner normally remains clothed in order to assure they’re not providing any additional distractions.

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