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YouTuber Earns Ire Of Netizens After “Inappropriate” Behavior Towards His Crush

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On daily basis millions of women get raped and molested around the world. Not because they wore revealing clothes or “asked for it”, but because perpetrators chose to victimize them.

In addition to these mental and emotional effects of trauma, sexual assault and rape are crimes that violate the body. The rape victim not only suffers from mental and physical trauma but gains ire from the public as well. It’s sad that many people are not aware that they become part of rape culture.

For many women, a simple whistle from a man or a comment about their bodies can be demeaning—and sadly—many men refuse to change their ways. One YouTube user receives ire and criticism from many netizens for his video entitled “What to do when you see your crush.”

The video shows that Sawyer claimed to have a crush on a random woman at a mall. The woman happened to wear very short shorts—a fashion many women are using today. The woman had a beautiful figure, and according to her, she was a dancer. Instead of complimenting her looks or her cheery smile, Sawyer immediately pointed out her legs and bum.

Lots of netizens refused to take his actions as funny, as his actions definitely contributed to rape culture, especially when he followed and filmed her without her permission. Sadly, many male netizens found it funny and even asked for a follow-up video.