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Photographer Hangs Off a 350 Ft Cliff to Shoot Impressive Wedding Photos

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“Marriage is like jumping off a cliff.”

We’ve heard people say this before, but these brave, gorgeous couples took the saying quite literally when they decided to have their wedding photos taken on a 350-foot cliff!

With the help and proficiency of photographer Jay Philbrick and his wife, Vicky, you can also have the most remarkable and distinct wedding photos to immortalize that special day. However, you’d have to gather the courage and the strength to show up in one of their “studios” because as you’ll see, they do life-threatening photo shoots.

“I don’t really have to twist any arms to get models or subjects into the locations I’m interested in,” Philbrick, who is a former climbing guide, said in an interview with DIY Photography.

“We are sort of known for this kind of photography, so many come to us looking for something different.”

It is indeed a one-of-a-kind experience for the models too!

Imagine the bride and groom climbing up the 700 feet high Cathedral Ledge at the Echo Lake State Park in New Hampshire, and then rappelling toward a narrow ledge at 350 feet for those jaw-dropping photos.

Models and clients are safely guided on cliff edges, snow slopes, and even inside water wells, as Philbrick, Vicky, and several trained professionals do daring stunts themselves just to capture that perfect picture.



The faint-hearted shouldn’t worry, though. The husband and wife team take equally fascinating pictures inside their photography studio and on other “less intimidating” locations if you’re not up to the challenge.

Photo: elitereaders