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Why Is It Difficult To Remain Friends After Breakup?

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Breakup, is a phase which most of us have been through. The feeling of not being with that person anymore hurts and changes things beyond our imagination. The loneliness after the breakup not only kills us but also make us realize how much we need someone, how much we want a shoulder to cry on but also, make us turn towards our ex once more.

Let’s be honest. The comfort level we shared with our ex is something not everyone can give. Thinking it will be fairly easy to be friend with your ex, you end up texting them. Breakup changes people, it changes the relationship you once shared. No matter how hard you try, things still end up getting messed.

Some studies have even proved that being friends with your ex can never work.

Here’s why it’s not easy to remain friends with your ex after break up!


1. When the sole purpose of being friends with your ex is not to make him see how much better you are doing without him.

2. When you try to console yourself by thinking about the good memories but end up crying over the things that went wrong.

3. When being single makes you realize how much you still love each other.

4. When you two try to bring your current partner and do a double date, hell break loose.

5. When after the breakup your turn towards you ex saying you need someone to talk. But deep down you keep on asking why did he leave.

6. When your ex’s current partner breaks up, you finally realize it wasn’t you but him at fault.

7. When you try to spend some alone time with your ex as friends but end up having $ex instead.

8. When a double date with different partners gives you tons of awkward moments.

9. When your ex-tells you that she is seeing someone already and you silently start cursing her saying how could she.

10. When you talk as friends and start discussing why you two broke up and end up accusing each other.