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Cop Buys Donuts For Girl At Gas Station And Then He Received A Letter

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Cops are not as bad as they seem. They might seem tough but they are really kind-hearted people. Nine-year-old Brooke was hoping to buy a dozen donut holes at a Sheetz gas station, but when she got up to the register, she realized she didn’t have enough money to pay for them.

A state trooper named Chad Savannah happened to be standing in line behind Brooke and kindly paid for her sugary treats. The little girl was taken aback and so excited that she ran out of the gas station with her donut holes in hand. The trooper thought the whole scene was adorable and went about the rest of his day.

What Chad didn’t know was that Brooke had rushed home to write a letter to his police department, thanking him for his kindness.

Chad’s patrol commander saw Brooke’s letter in the mail and was stunned to find it also came with a $10 bill. Brooke wanted to donate the money given to her by the trooper for her donut holes.

The wave of kindness didn’t end there. Chad and the rest of his department collected $50 and a Toys “R” Us gift card, then mailed it back to Brooke to thank her.

But again, the department was stunned by this amazing child; Brooke had refused to spend the money and the gift card.

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