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These Comic Pictures Perfectly Defines Everyday Struggles That Girls Have To Face.

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Ever pondered upon how girls manage to look so perfect every time? Like they are born ready and nothing ever goes wrong with them.

Well, the ‘Behind the scenes’ tells a different story. There are a lot of everyday struggles that girls go through and sometimes the reality goes completely opposite of what the expectations were. Girls have to deal with these situations all the time!

Take a look:

#1. Ever wondered how women in movies manage to wake up from sleep so perfectly? Like everything on point and looking like a dream themselves. Well not to spoil it for you but the actual reality is much more like it.

#2. Winter makes us excited because of winter shopping and those stunning jackets and coats but all those excitement goes in vain when our winter look disappoints us.

#3. Looking at models wearing those stunning evening gowns and body-hugging dresses, we all have fantasized ourselves in that look but after actually wearing that dress we get a harsh reality check.

#4. High-school based movies got us daydreaming about our student life but this comic picture is a perfect example of what it actually like.

#5. Girls have to face a lot of everyday struggles when it comes to their hairstyle and pulling that perfect braids look is a complete headache.

#6. Annoying things people do when you are on your period like asking irrelevant questions and embarrassing you in public. 

#7. Every girl has that perfect summer body plan but this comic perfectly illustrates the actual reality of our summer plans.

#8. The difference between the expectation and reality of wearing a hat must be equal to the difference between sky and land.

#9. A lady is a lady with or without waxing. It is a choice, not criteria for defining a woman.

#10. A Girl may be going through emotional hell but she never forgets that she is a queen who deserves every happiness in this world.

Photo: noonecares