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Black Mirror Has Been Renewed For A Fifth Season

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It’s the show that looks at our major technological flaws and generalizes them into an apparently not too distant future.

It leaves us shocked, disgusted and depressed at the end of each episode and yet we froth over every second and beg creator Charlie Brooker to make more.

Gratefully we have got our wish as Black Mirror will be back for a fifth season.

In almost every scenario, the word brighter is a positive thing – but in Brooker’s universe, we can only assume that season five will bring situations even more fucked up that what we saw in the last instalment.

If you need a refresh as to how dark Black Mirror got, it involved a woman murdering a baby, a dog-like robot hunting down a group just trying to get a teddy bear, a daughter bashing her mum’s face in with a tablet, a tech wizard trapping digital copies of his most hated employees and a woman getting revenge on a twisted American bloke who kept her dad in a virtual execution.

Yeah, I told you it was pretty messed up.

There have been two episodes that inspired a tiny bit of hope and happiness and who knows, maybe Brooker will chuck in a few more of those for the fifth instalment.

The teaser that was posted on social media has led some to speculate that there could be 12 episodes in the new series, compared to six in the last two seasons.

There’s no word on when we can expect this new chapter of Charlie’s dystopian view of the future, but seasons three and four were released in 2016 and 2017 respectively, so we could be seeing the next one this year.

Weeks after season four’s release, and following a load of great reviews, action-packed episodes, and collective bemusement on Twitter, a short featurette video about the making of the chapter was released.

In the clip, Brooker discusses how the show came about, why he thinks it is important, and the challenges that the cast and crew faced when making it – including why it is done in episodic format for TV rather than following one storyline.

Charlie said: “Black Mirror came about because at the time I felt one-off ideas-based stories weren’t really being told on television.

“The trend was for long, five-season story arcs about a troubled yet fascinating man. Many of which I was a huge fan of, but what I felt was lacking was those one-off shows you can catch late at night and go, ‘What the hell was that?’.

“The show does reflect a kind of gnawing sense unease at the march of technology.”

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